10 Clever Ways to Store and Organize Your Shoes

Not everyone has a large closet with shelves designed especially for shoes. Most of us have a problem where they hide, especially those seasonal, which a few months we will not wear it. The real trick is appropriate storage of shoes. Shoes unused, but carelessly pushed into a cramped closet, just may be destroyed. This will be an unpleasant surprise when we reach for there again..

We women love shoes! Many of us treat this item as one of the most important elements of our wardrobe, which defines our style and highlights the styling. So, where to store these our beloved shoes? We have for you 10 interesting ideas on how to store your most beautiful high heels and boots!

Wine Box Shoe Organization

1. Store your shoes in wine boxes under the bed

You simply have to cover these using whatever type of paper and then put your shoes.

Source: threeyearsofdeath.blogspot.ca

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