10 Detox Waters Recipes

The food we eat every day has more chemical additives, which together with it enter the body. Even if you really believe what we eat is virtually no way to avoid consuming products containing preservatives or artificial additives. Our body has a self-cleaning ability is not always kept pace with the removal of harmful substances. Therefore, we from time to time use a Detox Waters that will help remove toxins from the body.

Excess toxins in the body can cause a lack of energy, fatigue, problems with concentration and sallow skin color.

In today’s post I present a proposal for 10 recipes for detox water. Most of them have already tested and work perfect and tasty good, some of them I have yet to try, but they have been instructed by my friends so I put them as recommended.

1. Fruit Water

Natural vitamin water with fresh fruits! A perfect way to detox, hydrate and refresh. All you need is your favorite fruits, some ice cubes and water!

Recipe: feistyveggies.com

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