10 Things to Do With Your Old Socks

Hello friends! I think this craft challenge can be an interesting way to do something creative with old spare socks that you no longer use.. I assure you that you will be surprised at how many interesting things you can create with old socks! So sit back, put your socks up and brace yourself for this amazing Round Up! We hope You enjoyed!

Gift Wrap a Wine Bottle With a Pair of Cute Knee Socks

Tutorial: formalfringe.com

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One response to “10 Things to Do With Your Old Socks”

  1. Joyce Blodgett says:

    Not to be mean about it, but not one of these ideas is new…none of them. I was doing the majority of them forty years ago, long before the Internet, Pinterest, and/or worldwide posting of ideas ever came about. I also used my then-husband’s socks as protectors for my shoes whenever we traveled; I used my own clean socks to keep my son’s warmed bottle of formula at a good temperature, whether at home, or on the road. I’ve used worn out socks as dust cloths, and on the end of a hockey stick a couple times to knock down spider webs much too high for my short self to reach.

    Just saying that the uses are only limited by one’s mind, and a lot of us having been using our minds for a very long time 🙂

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