10 Things to Do With Your Old Socks

Rosettes made from Baby Socks make a sweet bouquet.

Tutorial: gratefulprayerthankfulheart.com

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One response to “10 Things to Do With Your Old Socks”

  1. Joyce Blodgett says:

    Not to be mean about it, but not one of these ideas is new…none of them. I was doing the majority of them forty years ago, long before the Internet, Pinterest, and/or worldwide posting of ideas ever came about. I also used my then-husband’s socks as protectors for my shoes whenever we traveled; I used my own clean socks to keep my son’s warmed bottle of formula at a good temperature, whether at home, or on the road. I’ve used worn out socks as dust cloths, and on the end of a hockey stick a couple times to knock down spider webs much too high for my short self to reach.

    Just saying that the uses are only limited by one’s mind, and a lot of us having been using our minds for a very long time 🙂

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