20 Free Dress Sewing Patterns

In this post a bit about sewing and specifically about how in a quick and easy way to sew a dress. We have put together specially for you 20 the most interesting patterns to sewing dresses for those who already have experience in sewing, and for those who are just starting out.

Whether you’re an avid sewing fanatic or you just love to tinker using your sewing machine from time to time, you’re sure to find a dress pattern that you can make.

Exactly, step by step, you will learn how to sew a dress from our selected list. Just click on the title and you will be taken to a page with instructions. I hope that everyone will find a project for yourself.


Color Block Tank Dress
Boho Maxi Dress


Empire Waist Dress


Simply Elegant Knit Dress


Bow Front Maxi Dress


The Soho Maxi Dress



Vintage Inspired Boxy Dress


Shift Dress


30-minute Sheath Dress


Flapper Style Dress


Lace Dress


Convertible Infinity Dress


Drawstring Halter Dress


30-minute 6 Dollar Dress


Casually Cute Knit Dress
Nautical Dress


McIntosh Knockoff Dress


Thrifty Summer Dress


Ruched Empire Dress


Simple Sleeveless A-line Shift Dress


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