20 Must-Know Household Cleaning Tips And Tricks

6. Clean your pans with tea tree oil.

Get The Instructions Here: diyhshp.blogspot.com


7. Use Salt To Clean Your Iron

Get The Instructions Here: amumntheoven.blogspot.com


8. Whiten Yellowed Pillows

Did you know that all that yellowing that happens over time to pillows is usually from sweat? Check how easy it is to whiten them here: onlyforher.net


9. Remove Hard Water

I think each of us has a problem with hard water. And although bought cleaners failed to deal with the remnants of the hard water, I found a way how to resolve it home remedies! Get The Instructions Here: thethriftyhome.com


10. Tips for Washing Windows

Start using a q-tip to help cleat tight areas in your window tracks and then wipe with a clean paper towel. Get The Full Instructions Here: askannamoseley.com

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