20 Must-Know Household Cleaning Tips And Tricks

11. Clean A Microwave With Vinegar And Steam

Pour vinegar and water in to a bowl and heat it in the microwave for a few min’s. The steam can help loosen any kind of grime for easy clean up. Get The Full Instructions Here: practicallyfunctional.com


12. Get rid of rust spots from the kitchen knives by soaking them in lemon juice


13. Homemade Grout Cleaner

Only 2 ingredients to make your grout lines look completely new! Get The Instructions Here: practicallyfunctional.com


14. Fix scratches in wood furniture

Use a mixture of 1/4 cup vinegar and 3/4 cup olive oil and magically get rid of the scratches in wood furniture. Get The Full Instructions Here: domesticblisssquared.com


15. No Streak Window Cleaning

A simple way to get rid of the streaks on the window. Get The Instructions Here: mom4real.com

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