How to Make Cat Eyes With Eyeliner

Cat eye makeup is very sexy, sensual and very feminine. This traditional line is well suited to both eyes large and small. It is not difficult to make and you should not have much trouble with it. If you do not come to you right away, just to practice. This makeup is sure to attract male gaze. Below you will find detailed information to help you in performing this amazing makeup. Good luck!

Close the eye and pull the eyelid with your finger. Make a dash along the upper border of the eyelashes. This line should be thinner in the inner corner of the eye and getting wider in the outer corner.

Draw a line from the outer corner of the side. It should be an extension of the lower eyelid.

The end of the lateral lines extending lower eyelid connect with a dash top.

Fill eyeliner space between the side lines. Ready! Now crank up the eyelash curler.

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