How to Strengthen Your Hair with Olive Oil

Olive oil is not suitable only for the kitchen. It also has a salutary effect on your hair. Strengthens them, gives them a healthy shine and reduces split ends. How to apply it to achieve the best effect, you will learn below.

To strengthen and condition your hair, massage into scalp and apply on hair about 2 tablespoons of olive oil. The exact amount of oil depends on the length of your hair and its thickness. Remember to massage was accurate. Stimulation of the scalp will make the hair will be growing stronger. Moreover, it is very pleasant…

Now grab a damp, warm towel and wrap the head, closing Your hair like a turban. Leave the towel on the head for 30-45 minutes. This will ensure that olive oil will have time to act on the hair completely.

After this time, wash the oil shampoo hair. This will require several wash (at least two).

Give your hair a break by letting them dry out automatically, rather than dry them hairdryer. In a few moments you’ll see how much they will love you for it.

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